Commissioning – the process

Commissioning a piece of jewellery gives you the opportunity to have an input into the design of the piece. If you like the style of my work, through discussion we can develop an initial idea into a definite design specifically for you.

This takes time and sometimes, but not always, requires my working on sketches in order to present  a visual indication of how your commissioned piece of jewellery will look before beginning work on the metal. It is always useful for the client to meet with me at my workshop if possible, to discuss requirements in person.  This also allows you the opportunity to try pieces on.

Many commissioned items are based on existing pieces with added variations and refinements according to the client’s choice. Commissioning works best when the client already has an idea of what they want and can describe the elements they would like to use from my style. When I create an individual customised piece I often use what has become my signature – a decorative surface of linear patterning interspersed with tiny granules.  It is applied to the surface of the metal spontaneously at the workbench and as such can never be replicated exactly on another piece.

I do not make imitations of other designer’s work.  Please do not ask me to quote for making a piece of jewellery that is based upon another jewellers style. This will never be considered under any circumstances.

I only undertake commissions when clients want a piece of jewellery that is unique, yet incorporates elements of my style or current designs.


If a piece requires a gemstone I will obtain a consignment of stones ‘on approval’ from one or several of the gemstone dealers I use. This is particularly important if diamonds are to be incorporated. In certain circumstances, where practicable, the commissioning customer may want to choose their own gemstone from these consignments. The extra handling that this involves will naturally increase the overheads cost of the commission.

Prior to accepting a commission I will need to know:

The metal/s you want
What stones you would like
The ring size or other dimensions if the item is for a gift
An idea of your budget
Deadline if applicable

Once the final design has been agreed and you decide to go ahead with the commission I take a 50% part payment. When you have paid this it means that you have agreed to my terms and conditions (see Terms and Conditions – Commissions). The balance of payment is due on collection or before being despatched.

I will provide you with a specification of your commission. Changes to this can only be made before work commences. If alterations are accepted after this time a surcharge is levied.

Each bespoke item presents new design challenges and every piece is hand made at the bench to an exacting standard. These special items take a great deal of time to create. Most commissions are completed within twelve weeks but at busy times or for complicated designs or large orders this can be longer. If you require your jewellery for a special date please make sure that you discuss this with me at the outset. It may be possible to deliver more quickly but I will need to know in advance.

Initially I give an estimated cost. Each commissioned piece is a one-off; the cost of metal and other raw materials and processes can fluctuate. I therefore am unable to calculate an exact final price until the part payment is made or all aspects of the job have been agreed, whichever is the sooner.